Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Quick One pt.1

Hey Guys, not a lot of time to update but some news. Paige found an incredible job. It's a consignment furniture place called Consignment Furniture Emporium, Inc. It's part-time (which is what we wanted) but pays full-time + pay. The owners are Christian as well. Paige will write in the blog and give you more info soon.We bought one of our final furniture pieces the other day.

We had been looking for a Dressing Table because our bathroom is small (and only one) so Paige can do her makeup and hair in the Master bedroom. We were going to wait because now that Paige works at a furniture place we could be pretty choosy but it was on $50 and we couldn't pass it up.

Later this afternoon we are going to see Christian artist Aaron Shust who is giving a free concert at Hanes Mall here in Winston-Salem. If you listen to Christian radio you've probably heard some of his songs (Matchless and My Savior, My God). It's pretty obvious what he's talking about in his songs, and I appreciate that. It drives me crazy when you don't know what a "Christian Bands" lyrics are talking about. I don't mean loud I mean wishy-washy or watered-down. I betcha Aaron Shust will lay out the Gospel pretty clearly in the Mall today!!!

Here are a couple pictures of my buddy Walt and his buddy Ken Bishop at a Greenbay Packer game. Ken is a DJ for a Christian Radio Station and is helping Walt get back into radio. I worked with Walt and he came to the small group at least once. He now lives in Wisconsin. Please keep Walt in prayer. Thanks.