Monday, October 16, 2006

Late Update pt. 1

Saturday, October 07, 2006

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Painted the kitchen last week, we are going for a retro 50’s kitchen, and painted it turquoise (think Tiffany Box blue).

We plan to get a chrome bistro table someday, with shiny red
vinyl seats and thought the turquoise would go nicely. Also bought paint for the guest room, it’s a coral-salmon color, but I still have to finish taking the wallpaper border down, and prime the place before the color can go on. (It's finished in the pictures.) Bought a full size mattress, head and foot board and bedding, so we will be ready for our company in November.

We bought quite a bit of furniture new, and then found the flea market and a great Salvation Army thrift store, and have got some wonderful vintage pieces. A swivel-rocker vinyl upholstered chair for $35.00, and two dressers, one for $35 we thought we would have in our room, but then we found an even better one for $40 that Mike put a new coat of lacquer on and turned out great for our room. The head/foot board for the guest room needs a coat of paint, but will be very cute for $35. We are still on the hunt for a vanity table, or little desk, that I can sit and do my hair and make-up in the master. Saw a sewing machine table I liked, but decided the era was off, were going to go back to the flea market today, but it’s raining. So we are having a lazy day, breakfast in bed and watching movies.

We went to Dixie Classic Fair Wednesday night the contemporary Christian band Jars of Clay were playing, and you got in free if you brought 5 cans of food. It was a fun night out, planning on going to the Raleigh Fair (60+ miles east) later this month to see Chris Tomlin play! We never got such great groups play at the Idaho fair. Also found out at church on Thursday night that Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusade is coming to Raleigh next spring!! There are on average, 2300 decisions for Christ every night of the Crusade - that’s awesome!! We will definitely sign up to work, and take the motorhome to stay the whole week. We went and saw him at his church in Riverside, Ca last year. It will be so cool.

Finally got back to Weight Watchers on Wed. and weighed in only 3 lbs more than I left Boise-not too bad! Mike and I have both been sore from working out on our new exercise equipment, but it feels good, and we are being very diligent. The boys had a good visit with the new vet Tuesday. She came to us, and took blood for heartworm tests, both boys were negative, and are now on preventative medicine. Also had her clip their nails, Gar was very good, but you’d think she was taking Loki’s whole leg off, the way he fussed. Glad that’s over for awhile. More pictures after we get the guest room painted, hope you all are enjoying our journals. Would love to hear from you, and see what are you’re favorite bits. -p