Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tom & Jodi's - Lake Orion, MI pt 1

Saturday, August 12, 2006 pt 2

We made it to my high school friend Jodi and her husband Tom’s house in Lake Orion, MI about noon, sat on the patio and had a very nice-not bumpy or noisy-visit. They have a kennel for their dog that we used to put the boys in, since they have no fence around the back yard, and it only took Gargoyle about 4 hrs to break out. He worked at the giant chicken wire type twist-ties that hold the screen part of the walls to the frame until they were untwisted and he could pry the wall up enough to sneak thru. We had all gone inside for dinner, but Tom was getting the meat off the grill and saw him running free towards the neighbors. Loki stayed inside the kennel, I think just glad to be finally alone. Gargoyle was rounded up, and banished to the motorhome, so much for escaping. We opted to spend the night in Jodi and Tom’s driveway since it was a mild 75 degrees today, and we won’t need the air conditioner, we can plug into residential electricity for fans, and lights, but air conditioner blows fuses. Breakfast in the morning and then Jodi will drive us into Detroit to the big farmers market and the Zoo. We will get out of their hair in the afternoon, as they both have to work Monday. Since we’ve decided not to go into Canada, we will head south, but not far, due to such a late start. Jodi and Tom have Aaron, an adorable 14 month old, who entertained us much of the afternoon and evening, and reminded me that I do not possess the “mommy gene”. Enough said. Another adventure awaits tomorrow, we sure are having a good time, we want to do everything (like Canada) and have to remind ourselves, that we are going to live here (this side of the Mississippi) and can do other trips. Til next time, God Bless. p