Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sheridan, WY to Little Big Horn then Hardin, MT

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 Noonish

Just pulled in to Garryowen, MT the site of the Custer Museum. We are going to have some lunch and go in. In Wyoming and this part of Montana they must use local rock in their roads because they are red. The Custer museum at Garryowen was really informative. Garryowen is actually the 7th Cavalry marching tune. I had actually heard it before. Here is a link so you can hear it too. http://www.garryowen.com/garryowen.htm Paige was great even though she wasn’t as interested we sat thru a 45 minute video on Custer. After that we went to Little Bighorn itself. Looked in the museum and then up to the site of the last stand. Graves mark where they fell but everyone was buried in a mass grave on top. Some have since been moved like George Custer who was moved to West Point. Custer had 2 brothers who died with him at Little Big Horn. Boston and T.W. Here is info on Custer if you are interested: http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/custer.htm

After LBH we went to Hardin, MT to the Grandview Campground & RV Park. http://www.grandviewcamp.com/ It was very windy and cool with a little rain but now is warming (about 6:30 pm) It's still nice and no wind. We also don't have cell phone service and may not for the next day or so, but we do have WiFi so we can update this. We made reservations at a KOA near Devils Tower so we are going to head there tomorrow morning. Tonight we are going to an "Ice Cream Social" here at Grandview. Should be interesting. They all have them and we think ice cream everynight is a bad idea. c-ya! m

Tuesday, August 01, 2006 Morning

We are still at the Sheridan, WY KOA and it’s in the morning. We checked online for RV parks in Billings, MT which is a bit above Little Big Horn. The Sheridan KOA smells a bit too much of sewage, is infested with rabbits which drive the boyz crazy, is close to the freeway, TRAINS, and a kid with a whistle that either blows it intermittently or constantly. All of which makes it a nice place if you are into that sort of thing. Really it’s not that bad, we are having fun in spite of this and that. I forgot to mention that early in the trip Paige was leaning over the seat to try a wrangler the boyz so we could let them out and separated her ribs. Both my Dad and I know how much fun that is. As is the way of ribs, it is becoming more and more painful. Hurts to breathe, laugh, move and pretty much everything else. Poor kid.

The laptop I bought is a MacBook. The prices were comparable as was the hardware. I had always been interested in Apple computers but seeing the new bunch of commercials and finding out that they could run Windows finally sold me. Now I’m not a huge fan of either Microsoft or Windows but there are programs I need to run. I was worried that Windows would run badly but it’s great. It’s the best of both worlds. Wireless WiFi internet is pretty cool. Whenever I turn on the computer it asks if I want to connect to the internet. It usually finds a few options and most of the places we stay at have it available for free, as does McDonalds and many other places. Well, we’d better batten down the hatches and get on the road. More later. m