Monday, March 26, 2007

A Nice Surprise!

So, last week the Operations Manager, Chas called Mike into the office and blessed us unexpectedly, this week Mike got called into the office again, and was asked if he wanted to go on staff. Of course the answer was yes! Paperwork was filled out, and insurance info was taken. Another way GOD works is this, insurance wasn’t supposed to be effective for 90 days, but when the insurance cards came in the mail, they were effective immediately. The other thing that we noticed when Mike went on staff was that we were going to need another car. There were a couple days he went in at 7:30am, and I had to take him, go home get ready and get to my work at 9:30, then go pick him up at 6:30pm. A long day for him, and for me, so we asked around the staff and church friends, and started praying for a car. It happened that the Pastor was selling his car, and after we looked on our own for a week, we thought buying his car, would be the easy way to go. So we approached Chas about buying the car, and he told us to “hold off, we are working on something” What does that mean we wondered? So we held off, and by Friday of that week, Mike came home with a free car! Someone had donated this 1996 Buick some time ago, and the church had been waiting for the “right people” to bless it with…WOW!!! What a month it’s been, we wonder what will happen next month!! God is Good!