Sunday, July 09, 2006

This Is How It Happened pt 2

We just happen to have a real estate agent in out Tuesday night Bible study, so of course we had her come over and tell us what she thought. She gave us some tips and pointers, and gave us a good date to list the house. The date was like 3 weeks away!!! Yikes! We hustled and had a yard sale, made a ton of money (sold too much stuff, like stuff we were still using) got busy remodeling the master bath. Tuesday night Bible study came and we had a painting party, for those of you who have never been to our house, we had some bold colors...master bedroom was "cookie monster blue" - just to give you and idea. So we bought beige and everyone helped paint (did I mention we have vaulted ceilings?) Anyway, painting got done, master bathroom got done, house got listed, not quite in the original time frame, but it went to market on June 16th. Then we waited, no bites on the 17th, no bites on the 18th, but then come Monday the 19th...our Blessing came (that is literally her last name!! It gave us goose bumps.) She was the second person to see it, and 4 days later the offer.

We purchased a used motor home, Mike's dad Gary found for us, and my dad financed until we get the house money at close. It’s a 1988 Coachman Catalina- 25', sleeps 4 and some dogs. Great condition, but needed some interior updating. Wait until you see the pictures! :) It's going to be great! We gave notice at work, have the motor home, are packing boxes, the end is in sight. We know how much space we have for storage, and so now know how much stuff we can take, and what either has to stay or ship, decided against pulling a trailer due to safety and gas. Our first stop will be headed out of Idaho at Craters of the Moon, then on to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. Don't know when we'll be back this way so need to see it now. From there, it will be down through Wyoming and into Nebraska to visit Aunt Polly in Red Cloud for a few days. We saw Rushmore last year, so it's not on the tour. Looking at the KOA directory, Iowa has some interesting landscape, so from Red Cloud, up through Omaha and East into Iowa. From there, not sure yet-anybody have any suggestions? We'll look online at points of interest, and the KOA directory is proving to be helpful. We've never had a vacation where we didn't have a return to work date, so this open ended trip will be fun. If we see a sign for the World's Largest Toothpick 21 miles, we can go! And we will keep y'all posted. Bye for now. -p